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SodaKING Gas Cylinders

New Single Gas Cylinder

New Single Gas Cylinder

$39.00 AUD

  • 60-litres-iconMakes up to 60L per cannister.
  • twist-to-secure-iconScrew tight connect system.
  • compatibility-iconCompatible with most screw-in cylinders.

Don't get caught out of gas! Our spare gas cylinder will make sure you don't! When empty this cylinder can be exchanged at any of our cylinder exchange points, check the store locator page for more details.

Benefits and Features

  • The Original Australian standard screw-in system for safety and peace of mind.
  • Australian, like you and me.
  • Makes up to 60L of soda water with each cylinder.
  • The equivalent of about $0.33 a litre... you do the maths.
  • Convenient cylinder swap at your favourite local retailers. Click here to find a retailer.
  • Easy to use, fun, and your business stays local.

Cylinder Exchange (Refills)

Need a refill or a new cylinder?

Cylinders are available at over 2500+ of Australia's leading retailers

Check out our store locator to find a retailer near you.

Compatible with most screw-in C02 cylinders.

Cylinder Compatibility

Our Cylinders use Australia's standard screw-in valve for a safe secure connection.
Our cylinders work with all leading soda machine manufactures that comply with the standard safe and secure screw-in system.

What's Included

- 1 x SodaKING C02 Gas Cylinder (Makes up to 60 Litres)

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Our Promise

Safe and Sustainable Australian Fizzy Fun.

We use the standard Australian screw connector because we believe its the safest way to connect the CO2 cylinder. We care deeply about being as sustainable as we can and in helping our customers to be as sustainable as they can be.

SodaKING saves 1 bottle from landfill every second, every second.

Each cylinder saves approximately 160, 375ml bottles from landfill.

At SodaKING, we are committed to reducing the amount of waste and reusing materials.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping Australia wide.

Ships within 1-3 business days.

FREE Shipping on orders over $99 or with any Soda Maker Device.


Satisfaction and Guarantee

If by chance you have an issue with your SodaKING experience , reach out to us here for a for a full refund.

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