Fun, fizzy, refreshment.

Turn tap water into refreshing sparkling water in an instant.
Embrace the fun and creativity with of our innovative home soda solutions.

Australia's most loved home soda water maker company.

Easy to use.
Simply fill, screw, and press.

Safe and secure screw connection.

Compatible with leading soda makers.

C02 Refills available at over 2,500+ of Australia's leading retailers.

Each cylinder makes up to 60L of refreshing soda water.

Australian owned and operated since 2015.

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Bottles & Accessories

Ask for Australia's SodaKING refill cylinder at all good independent and national retailers.

All SodaKING devices are compatible with Australian standards approved C02 60L gas cylinders.

SodaKING products are stocked in your favourite retailers across Australia including: IGA, Big W, United Petroleum and leading independent retailers.

To find a store near you, click the link below.

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Refreshing fun from sunrise to sunset and beyond.

Experience the joy of an endless summer of refreshment.

With bubbles of fizzy fun your day will be more enjoyable. From morning pick-me-ups to evening celebrations, stay refreshed and energized with every bubble of fizzy fun.

Save money, energy and space.

No need to lug heavy bottles of soft drink home.

Eliminating the need to fill your shopping cart and home with expensive, heavy and single use plastic soda bottles.

Take control of your beverage budget and bid farewell to expensive pre-packaged carbonated drinks. Transforming your ordinary tap water into a refreshing bubbles of fizzy fun has never been more economical and delicious. #SodaKINGfun

Drink more. Waste less.

Saving 1 bottle from landfill every second, every day.

Each cylinder saves approximately 160 375ml bottles from landfill. Over 500 million and counting.

Using a SodaKING soda system matters. You take a proactive step towards reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner planet. Join us in the movement to preserve our environment one sip at a time... and also, one soda at a time.

At SodaKING, we are committed to reducing the amount of waste and reusing materials.

Join in on the #sodakingfun.

Frequently Asked Questions

About SodaKING

Is SodaKING really Australian?

Yes we are, have always been... and very proudly so.

Who owns SodaKING?

We are a group of fun loving Australians that love what sustainable bubbles of fun bring to life.

What's up with the new branding?

Every house could do with a lick of paint to freshen up...

Whats behind the colour of the brand?

We wanted to celebrate the magic of the Australian sunset, that special moment each day where you relax after a hard days work and enjoy what is precious in life.

Is it as fun to work at SodaKING as it looks?

We think so.

How do we have the most SodaKING Fun?

We would love to hear your stories of how soda... we know how.

Products and Refills

Where can I find SodaKING products?

Well, we would like to think in places that enjoy the special moment in life, but if you're looking for a retailer, click here.

Where can I get a refill cylinder?

All leading independent retailers, IGA and Big W. Look for the Orange symbol on the shop window. Click here to find a store near you.

Does a SodaKING cylinder work in other soda makers?

Yes we use the Australian standard screw fitting and work in all the leading machine manufactures who comply ... though look out for the pink ones... they don't play nicely with others.

What's the difference with other soda makers?

Our system is open... we believe in fair play... we allow others to play too!

How do you use a home soda maker?

You purchase a simple soda machine, insert a standard Australian screw cylinder, fill one of our bottles with water (cold water works better for longer lasting bubbles) and press or pull the lever of the soda maker... and enjoy refreshing bubbles of SodaKING fun!

Do SodaKING syrups taste nice? 

Our Syrups are formulated and made in Australia to match to the Classic flavours Australians love.


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